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About us specializes in providing professional betting tips to customers worldwide.
With many years’ experience, and a global network of associates and partners, we provide professional picks to punters all around the world.

Our team consists of expert tipsters, professional punters, ex-football players, bookie compilers and Asian betting market insiders.
Our team has direct access to our statistical database with unique algorithms that is developed in house and is constantly updated 24/7, and to a constant flow of incoming information from our partners around the world about their local championships, (line ups, injuries, state of teams, last minute info).

Furthermore, maybe the most important tool, our team has access to unique inside information from the Asian betting markets.
Asia has the biggest part in the online betting industry, amounting to 37 percent of the overall global online betting marketplace. Statistics show almost 40 percent of bets are being placed in Asia.
High rollers and professional punters always choose the Asian market to place their bets.
Thanks to our Asian betting market insiders, we have unique information about where the “big money” goes, for unusual market loading, and suspicious market movements.

Our aim is to provide first class service to our customers, by providing the most accurate betting tips.
We are so confident in our service that we are not even going to ask you to pay in advance.
You can first profit from our service, and pay us after you have secured your winnings.

How It Works


Registration is a fast and easy process.
You can register for an account by clicking here.

Verification fee

In order to start receiving our tips, you have to pay a one time verification fee, of only EUR3.00.
This fee has been introduced since 21/01/01, for verification purposes and to declare your true interest in our services. In the past, users used to register multiple accounts to avoid paying for the tips.
This fee is not applicable to users registered prior to 2021.

Place your bet

You will receive the tip by email 1 hour before the match kick-off.
You can then place your bet, at your favourite bookmaker.


After the end of each match, if you are satisfied with our services and want to receive the next tip, you have to pay for the tip that you have already received, within the next 3 hours from the end of the match.


What type of tips are provided?
Tips released by are based on Asian handicap and total goals (under/over).

What are the odds of the tips?
The minimum odds of the tips released are 1.85.

How much does it cost?
The sign-up fee costs EUR 3.00, and you have to pay it only once.
Each tip costs EUR 33.00, (EUR 66.00 - 50% discount) and you have to pay it within the next 3 hours from the end of the match.

How can I pay?
Available payment options are:
Credit/Debit card

When do I pay?
The one-time verification fee must be paid whenever you are ready to start receiving our tips.
Tips are paid after the match is over, within the first 3 hours.

I have registered and paid the verification fee. What happens next?
The email that you have registered with, will be added to our recipients' list. As soon as the next tip is released, you will receive an email with the tip.

I received my first tip and I want to continue receiving the tips. What do I have to do?
When the match is finished, all you have to do is log in to your account and make a payment for the tip that you have already received. As soon as we receive your payment, your email will be added to the recipients' list for the next tip.

Make a payment


Excellent service, I have tried a lot of similar services in the past, no comparison.
Thank you guys.
Hristo S.
I don't know how you do it, just keep doing it. Winner after winner. Keep up the good work!!
John W.
The best place for soccer tips, -no, the only place for accurate tips I believe.
Jude M.
I am a newcomer, till now everything is super. Easy betting, easy money. I hope you will keep up like this.
Charles M.
I don't know how you do it, just keep doing it. Winner after winner. Keep up the good work!!
Kostas K.
I was a little sceptical at first. But now I can say it's worth it. Excellent service.
Hakan K.
I am a customer for a while now. I had second thoughts at first, but this "win first-pay after" policy somehow convinced me. I am very happy with my decision.
Roberto S.
No doubt, the best tipping service ever. Bravo, keep up!!!!!
Daniel J.
I have joined some time now. No regrets, way ahead from the others.
Ken R.
I am a long time member. Amazing results - amazing returns. I am glad I have found you.
Ryan Z.
Asiainsiders saved me a lot of time, and my bankroll sky rocked. I m a pro punter for many years, but asiansiders just made my life easier. Keep up.
Jari K.
Maybe the easiest money I have ever made. Hope this continues forever.
Vladimir T.
Very accurate tipping service, in a very cheap price. I have tried other tipsters, that costed really a lot of money but they couldn't even reach 50% of your performance. I hope you will continue like this.
Atanas R.
Well done guys. Really insiders. Highly recommended tipsters.
Liew Min G.
I really enjoy betting. I do it for the money, but for the thrill also. The bad thing with you, is that you take the thrill away. Most of the time, I feel like a winner, even before the match starts. In any case, keep it going, I prefer the money from thrill!!
Ronaldo M.

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